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If a heart is filled with the fire of love for Christ, it will automatically share this heat with others just as a burning stove radiates its hidden warmth.
~Hubert Linckens, MSC

MSC Sisters Australian Province commitment to Protection of Children and Vulnerable People

. The Australian Province of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart (MSC Srs) is a small organization comprising 22 sisters.

. Up until early 1990s, the MSC operated a number of institutional ministries in health and aged care. Today MSC Sisters do not own or operate any institutions.

. Some of our sisters are now living in residential aged care, others are retired from active public ministry. In collaboration with others, some sisters undertake voluntary work in the community, particularly in the area of pastoral care, spiritual accompaniment, education and charitable activities.

. As a religious community we hold the care, safety and well being of children and vulnerable people as a central and fundamental responsibility of our commitment and mission. All our sisters involved in any way in the wider community have working with children certification.

. We commit ourselves to maintain knowledge of relevant legislation relating to child protection and the protection of vulnerable adults to ensure compliance.

. We affirm that where child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church has occurred this is appalling, and we feel ashamed that it did happen.

. We recognize that it is important, in all cases where sexual abuse has occurred, that issues be dealt with compassionately with the health and welfare of the abused being of primary concern.

. We commit ourselves as a Religious Organization to the obligations effective from 1 January 2018 under Victoria’s Reportable Conduct Scheme:

  • to notify the Commission for Children and Young People if an allegation of child abuse is made against any of our members, or an employee, or a volunteer whom we have knowingly and intentionally engaged in activities on our behalf.
    We are further committed to report information about how we have investigated and responded to any such allegations.
  • We commit ourselves, to the best of our ability, to providing a safe and caring environment for children and vulnerable adults at all times.
  • We commit ourselves to the communication of these policies to our members, employees, volunteers and those with whom we may collaborate in ministry.

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