Quote of the Day
The love of his heart inspired Jesus to heal the many sick people who appealed to his power.
~Jules Chevalier, MSC


Note the movement of the ‘rays’ in and out, in and out.

They journey to and from the Centre. Behold this Centre.

It is beyond ‘image’ because its very Being is God-Love.

Allow yourself to behold the bottomless abyss of Love this Centre reflects.

From this Centre – Love – the energy of movement exists.

The movement journeys east and west, north and south; encompassing the whole global world.

Our missionary call reflects this.

We journey with Christ, north, south, east and west from the Heart of God.

North, South, East, West, also reflects ‘wholeness’; something for which we all personally strive.

Reflect on the flow to and from the ‘Centre of Love’ in your own life.

The Cross is smooth and rough; reflecting both in our own lives.

The Cross itself is a symbol of suffering, pain, crucifixion;

with the Hope of Resurrection, joy and peace.

As I hold this Cross and say “yes” to my life as an MSC

I am saying “yes” to the truth of both life – death – life.

Our Cross is either pinned or worn on a chain.

It was love that enabled Jesus to embrace the cross.

It is love that enables us, at certain times,to wear the ‘chain’ and embrace the pain.

Our Cross is very simple; it holds no images; it simply reflects the flow of Love.

This simplicity crosses all boundaries of culture and race.

The very simplicity of the Cross reflects its universality and internationality.

We see and we recognise each other wherever we go, wherever we meet.

We cling to this Cross in times of struggle and challenge.

We behold its Centre and outreaching rays in times of deep joy, transfiguration and transformation.

As you hold this Cross in your hands, let it speak to you again of your life as an MSC.

Know that as you hold this Cross, so too it is God’s Hand holding you.

Hold your MSC Cross and in the quiet of your heart let your inner voice speak;


Written by Sr. Tess Veenker MSC

Stained Glass Windows

Based on the Litany of the Sacred Heart

Designed by Sr. Theonita MSC