Quote of the Day
The heart of Jesus overflows with love. This will go on to the end of time. What strength and consolation he showers on us. Let us know how to benefit from it.
~Jules Chevalier, MSC


How great and wonderful are all your works, Lord God Almighty.

What marvels you have done for us and so we are full of joy.            

You have chosen us as Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart.

You give us your mission to spread the Good News,to proclaim the loving kindness of the Heart of our God made visible in Jesus Christ and poured into our hearts by the HolySpirit.

We are, therefore, a chosen race, a royal priesthood,a people set apart to sing your praises.

We no longer live for ourselves but for your will and pleasure,through a faith that makes its power felt through love.

Together we build up the Body of Christ,ready to become absorbed into the mission of Christ, until knowing the love of Christ,which is beyond all knowledge, we are filled with the utter fullness of God.

May we never say or do anything except  in the name of Jesus Christ, giving thanks always to you through him.

Glory be to Him whose power, working in  us can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine;

Glory be to Him forever and ever.


Composed by Sr Anneliese Reinhard, MSC and Fr Greg Manly, CP 

MEMORARE TO OUR LADY OF THE                                 SACRED HEART

Remember, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart,

the great things the Lord has done for you.                                                        

He chose you for his Mother.

He wanted you close to his cross.

He gives you a share in his glory.

He listens to your prayer.

Offer him our prayers of praise and thanksgiving;

present our petitions to him.

Let us live like you in the love of your Son that his Kingdom may come.

Lead all people to the source of living water

that flows from his heart,

spreading over the world hope and salvation, justice and peace.

See our trust in you; answer our prayer.

Show yourself always our Mother.  Amen.

(Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart)