Quote of the Day
How can we love too much when the model we have is infinite love!
~Jules Chevalier, MSC

The BIBLE and CATHOLIC SCHOOL GOVERNANCE  is a series of  video clips produced by Sr Carmel Butler, MSC.   It is designed to assist boards and councils of Catholic schools to be better equipped to discuss issues that are supportive of the Catholic tradition.





21464 Hubert Linckens slick PAL

The documentary  Hubert Linckens with a heart for Mission  was produced by Sr Carmel Butler, MSC, with subtitles  in

German, Spanish, Korean and English.

It explores the spirit of Fr Linckens, MSC, and was launched on the Feast of the Annunciation, 8 April 2013.


To the Ends of the Earth  was written by Sr Francis Baum, MSC, for the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Fr Hubert Linckens, MSC, the founder of the Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus  (Hiltrup)

 In this  documentary produced  by Sr Carmel Butler, MSC,  the Sisters of the Australian Province tell the story of the Province through the eighty years of its foundation.


 Sr Anne Margaret Dalton, MSC, created this inspirational calendar.   Quotes from this calendar and from the writings of our Founder, Fr Hubert Linckens, MSC, can be found at the top of each page of this website.



Sr Anne Margaret Dalton, MSC, designed this perpetual calendar.


A collection of stories of MSC Sisters throughout the world woven and embroidered by Sr Patricia Kinlyside, Storyteller.


Books by Sr Anneliese Reinhard, MSC and Fr Gregory Manly, CP:



Mind and Heart Renewed,

Daily aids to Lenten prayer and Lenten life based on the readings of the day

Spectrum, Melbourne, 1983


The Art of Praying Liturgy

Spectrum, Melbourne, 1984

This is a book for those participating in liturgy and as resource for preparation of  liturgy: ‘ what I bring to liturgy…is MYSELF’ p.11


Waiting in Joyful Hope,

Aids to daily private prayer for Advent-Christmas-Ephiphany based on the readings of the day

Spectrum, Melbourne, 1985

In the authors’ familiar style this book offers a way of entering prayerfully into the  Church’s year from its beginning in  Advent.


Rising to Life,

Aids to reflection and prayer for the Easter Tridium and Easter Season

Spectrum, Melbourne, 1987

Here are helpful explanations of the meaning and purpose of the Easter Tridium and the Fifty Days of the Easter Season. For each day there is a guide to the Readings and psalm and a Guided Reflection.


I Call You Friends

Spectrum, Melbourne, 1988

Each reflection in this book is accompanied by a fresh piece of Sr Anneliese’s artwork.


Heart Awakening,

The Art of Liturgical Ministry

A companion volume to ‘The Art of Praying Liturgy’

Spectrum, Melbourne, 1990


Living Life

Spectrum,Melbourne, 1994

The title of this book speaks for itself.