Quote of the Day
The love of the heart of Jesus urges Mary on. The will of God is everything to her. May we have the same zeal as Mary to do the good that is within our power.
~Jules Chevalier, MSC


Our spirituality is a spirituality of the heart.  


Fr Hubert Linckens, a Missionary of the Sacred Heart, learned and imbibed this ‘charism’ or gift of the Spirit 

 from his own Founder, Fr Jules Chevalier, MSC: to witness to the love, kindness and compassion of God, 

that the hearts of many may be healed. 

Jesus revealed the depth of God’s compassion when he lay down his life on the cross. 

His pierced heart is a symbol of deep and abiding love for all people.



For this heart you are in the midst of this world.

We have  experienced God’s love and are called to share it in our being, and our actions,

in all circumstances, at all times.

Hubert Linckens, MSC. 


This mission demands that we be aware of the evils of our times (J. Chevalier) and seek to identify their causes. 

 In the light of the Gospel, we respond to the needs of our day and assume the risks of this challenge.

(Constitutions 8) 


We are sent for missionary work in the fullest sense of the word: in ourselves,

at home and abroad,

in developed countries……in any place where we are.

Hubert Linckens, MSC.